Thursday, October 22, 2009

sibal sickles IIT-JEE

Kabil Sibal has made a vry brave decision of screwing the IIT-JEE examination. Now, the students aiming 2 get admission in the IITs have to clear IIT-JEE as well as secure at least 80% marks in the CBSE or other state board exams....This is a filtering technique to ensure that only the cream layer of students get into the top colleges. Ther's a tendency in the students that they join coaching institutes to clear the competitive exams after +2 . This decision can result into a hallmark to develop a new breed of students who really deserve to be the best human resources in the country....i invite comments of the readers on dis issue

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

barack obama has not done enough to deserve a noble prize.....i think d noble prize association members must decide d name of d awardees only after sufficient discussins n consultation.
As the president of a country which has disturbed d situation in d middle east in the last few years, getting a noble prize....really requires enormous n dedicated efforts n consequences to restore peace n stability