Saturday, February 27, 2010

Railway Budget

Thomas & Friends: Railway Rhymes (Lap Library)
Hi friends, you all must have followed the railway budget presented by union railway minister Mamata Banerjee. There are plenty of things to think on this budget. The most attractive which i found was the introduction of 'Matrabhoomi','Karmabhoomi' and 'Janmabhoomi' trains meant specially for a ladies, working class people who regularly travel by trains and the defense n army troops, respectively. Further there's a proposal to increase the length railway tracks by 1000km in the coming year. Mamata Banerjee has also argued for multitasking in the railway stations like setting up hospitals, kendriya vidyalaya schools, hostels, lodges and shopping malls in and around railway stations. Certain stations are o be upgraded as World-class stations but it had been proposed when Lalu Prasad was our railway minister and still less improvement is seen in this direction. The proposal is still in planning stages with the local railway officials. There has been a lot of discussion that Bengal had a major share in the railway budget. According to me, every Railway minister gives some privileges to his/her home state like Lalu Prasad did for Bihar when he was handling this port-folio. It was obvious that Bengal will get special privileges like setting up of some wagon industries and extension of the metro in Kolkata. Mamata has proposed to rename few metro stations in Kolkata like park street as Bhagat Singh and Kalighat as Mother Teresa. this was totally needless and does not seem reasonable. While some names are appreciable like M.G Road station as Thakurbari station. Mamata has also gifted something to what she mentioned has 'the country's most neglected part'.The North-East states do not have a 2-way rail track and it had been years the people of the region were demanding for it. Mamata has proposed it for the route Guwahati-Tinsukia-Dibrugarh. The implementation of upgrading stations to World-class and Ideal stations need to been accelerated. Mamata has also crossed the borders and proposed to start a train named 'e par Bangla o par Bangla' from West-Bengal to Bangladesh. She has also provided a train named 'Amar Shonar Bangla' from Howrah to Agartala through Bangladesh which will help in reducing the time of travel of the passengers. .Its not-so-good news as Secunderabad station, the headquarter of South-Central railways did not get a place in the World-class stations list, but it would be upgraded as one of the Ideal stations. Besides, Mamata has proposed to run special trains during CWG in Delhi which also includes the double-decker train in the Delhi-Kolkata route. This double decker is nw being manufactured at Kapurthala. Besides, the Cancer patients will enjoy free travel in Indian railways in 3AC and sleeper class. Altogether its an ambitious budget whose aims have to be met by proper implementation of the ideas proposed which is certainly not going to be easy for the superior of the World's biggest network of railways.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Google's Googly

The Google Story: For Google's 10th Birthday
9th February was the day of the launch of GOOGLE BUZZ, a new addition to the Google associates. As many people are bored with orkut and Facebook and need an easy and fast means of communication with pals, the emergence of Google buzz was felt. As most of the people have their Google inbox open, they can directly chat wid friends n comment on posts from gmail without accessing a social network like orkut, facebook or myspace. But there has been criticism on Google buzz as it has its the privacy of the users. Google has enabled auto-following of the users by the people he/she often sends e-mail or chats with. This is another concern for the company as they are receiving rude and harsh feedbacks from the users. Also, to view a particular comment on a post, the users need to scroll down the subsequent comments of other readers to find the desired comment. However, Google has responded to these feedbacks and is trying to improve Google buzz by making it user-friendly. The auto-following of the friends will be disabled and the users will be provided with options to suggest th friends they will follow and the ones who can chat with them and comment on their posts. I think buzz,in its modified form will be a true gift to the users in this busy and fast world.Today, people check their mails in gmail inbox and then they need to open orkut or facebook to communicate with their friends. Buzz will facilitate simpler and time-saving communication with friends. Comment on the growth and advancements of buzz as you keep using this amazing Google Googly

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Feb Flavor

The Biggest Valentine Ever
Here comes February, the unique month of 28 days. If any of you guys have your birthday on 29th February,it may be something you wont like but guys don't be sad, Feb has many flavors and interesting things to entertain you.Though India doesn't have many festivals celebrated in this month, other nations have some Red-letter days in Feb. Some of the examples are the Sri-Lankan Independence Day on Feb 4, National Liberation day on Feb 11,Constitution of Mexico completed its drafting on Feb5,Flag Day of Canada on Feb 15, Liberation Day of Kuwait on Feb 26. Feb month is celebrated as the Black Month in USA and Canada in remembrance of the people and events that took place there for the African movement. Well, for all my young friends there's no need to mention about Feb 14 as the Saint Valentine day, a traditional day to express love to the loved ones. I only wish you enjoy this romantic month of Feb and follow my posts. Welcome fabulous Feb!!!