Monday, February 1, 2010

The Feb Flavor

The Biggest Valentine Ever
Here comes February, the unique month of 28 days. If any of you guys have your birthday on 29th February,it may be something you wont like but guys don't be sad, Feb has many flavors and interesting things to entertain you.Though India doesn't have many festivals celebrated in this month, other nations have some Red-letter days in Feb. Some of the examples are the Sri-Lankan Independence Day on Feb 4, National Liberation day on Feb 11,Constitution of Mexico completed its drafting on Feb5,Flag Day of Canada on Feb 15, Liberation Day of Kuwait on Feb 26. Feb month is celebrated as the Black Month in USA and Canada in remembrance of the people and events that took place there for the African movement. Well, for all my young friends there's no need to mention about Feb 14 as the Saint Valentine day, a traditional day to express love to the loved ones. I only wish you enjoy this romantic month of Feb and follow my posts. Welcome fabulous Feb!!!

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