Monday, February 15, 2010

Google's Googly

The Google Story: For Google's 10th Birthday
9th February was the day of the launch of GOOGLE BUZZ, a new addition to the Google associates. As many people are bored with orkut and Facebook and need an easy and fast means of communication with pals, the emergence of Google buzz was felt. As most of the people have their Google inbox open, they can directly chat wid friends n comment on posts from gmail without accessing a social network like orkut, facebook or myspace. But there has been criticism on Google buzz as it has its the privacy of the users. Google has enabled auto-following of the users by the people he/she often sends e-mail or chats with. This is another concern for the company as they are receiving rude and harsh feedbacks from the users. Also, to view a particular comment on a post, the users need to scroll down the subsequent comments of other readers to find the desired comment. However, Google has responded to these feedbacks and is trying to improve Google buzz by making it user-friendly. The auto-following of the friends will be disabled and the users will be provided with options to suggest th friends they will follow and the ones who can chat with them and comment on their posts. I think buzz,in its modified form will be a true gift to the users in this busy and fast world.Today, people check their mails in gmail inbox and then they need to open orkut or facebook to communicate with their friends. Buzz will facilitate simpler and time-saving communication with friends. Comment on the growth and advancements of buzz as you keep using this amazing Google Googly

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