Sunday, January 31, 2010

Serials' sensitives

Hi friends, today I've read about the case filed against production houses promoting violence and humiliation through TV serials. I've thought of it many times myself. Our mothers, sisters and wifes often watch family stuffs in TV that show crookedness, sliminess and jealousy feelings among the relatives of a family. They even portray polygamy and abuses in certain sections of the society.I strongly oppose Balaji Telefilms and other production houses promoting this. This is highly provocative and may channelize the thinking of young minds in a destructive way. Especially housewives are too interested in these narrow-minded craps. Anti-social acts like suicides, brutal murders, inhuman things, etc. must also be restricted. TV is a medium of social deeds in our democratic country. As a matter of fact, this issue becomes serious because visuals are more effective and leave an impact than auditory ones. This does not mean TV is an absolute idiot box and must be banned. There are many informative programs that can be produced and presented before the curious and sensitive audience like comedy, informative and detective serials, serials with mythological touch, historical and do-u-know facts, quizzes, competitions and cultural programs, etc. Besides there are always other stuffs like news, political discussions, sport, car and gadget talks etc. I do not find any reason why we should watch the family melodramas on TV when there are so many things superior than them and worth-watching and knowing about. Friends, if you guys find anything useful in these family programs, please let me know. Do not forget to comment as your opinion matters in the growth of discussion

Friday, January 29, 2010

Hindi-our National language. Are you sure???

Hindi, Basic: Learn to Speak and Understand Hindi with Pimsleur Language Programs (Simon & Shuster's Pimsleur)
Recently the Gujarat High Court in Ahmadabad declared that Hindi is not our National Language. This has triggered a discussion in the political, cultural and social fraternity in India. In fact, India does not have a National Language. India is a highly diverse country with many languages and cultures. Most of the North-Indian languages have been derived from the Devanagari script and hence Hindi has been accepted easily by all in North & Central India. But the South-Indian languages dates back to the Dravidian Era and therefore they find it difficult to follow Hindi. A major example is Tamilnadu promoting their language and culture in their state. This may encourage a divide between North and South Indians but we as Indians must respect other languages and not compromise our culture. Almost every state in India has its own language. This makes India unique among all countries. Moreover, Hindi is not accepted as the National Language in our Constitution too. But as Indians a single language must unite us and it can be none other than Hindi. Hindi is making its identity in the world as India's language. A flower does not bloom without its petals. India has many languages as petals of a single flower and Hindi is its blossomed form which looks beautiful to the flowers of other plants. Its rightly said :
'In India, water changes every one mile and people change every two miles'

World beware, China's coming

China is expected to become the next superpower in the world. Its competing with the USA in most of the fields including, technology, sports, finance, defense and influence on the world. The chinese acts clearly suggest that they want to expand their kingdom to the extent possible. Recent activities encouraging this frame of thinking is the settlement of naval base on coco islands, the northern-most island among Andaman & Nicobar group of Islands, Chinese settlements 20 km from the border within Arunachal Pradesh and the act of claiming Tawang, Chinese army bases in the western part of jammu & kashmir, the construction of several air-strips and military bases near the Nepal-China border. The medals in Olympics is dominated by the Chinese sportsmen in recent years contrasting to the predominant dominance of USA. Google blamed china-based hackers to have hacked it. Google might have quit China, but being the largest internet community in the world, I fear China will come-up with something more amazing than Google and reign the markets. Technological developments were clearly seen in the Beijing Olympics with world-class stadiums and facilities and the blowing out of clouds from the sky by missiles. China-USA cold war is in the news these days and was clearly sighted in the Copenhagen climate summit. But being a communist country, China has its own disadvantages also. Finally I want to comment that the Dragons are on a roll.

States' stats

You all must be well aware of the Telangana row and the disturbance in the largest of the 4 South-Indian sister states. There are already 9 petitions pending with the central government on state divisions,viz,Vidarbha,Purvanchal,Harit Pradesh,Bundelkhand,Gorkhaland,Bodoland,Sourashtra and Rayalseema. If the central government gives approval to Telangana state formation there will be a fashion in the country which will impose constant hunger strikes n bandhs in the cities resulting in a political crisis and chaos in the country. This does not mean that i oppose the sentiments of the people of Telangana. Telangana was ruled by the Nizam of Hyderabad and it was never under direct British rule. Rayalseema was ruled by the Chalukyas and the coastal Andhra region came under madras state. The unification to form Andhra Pradesh took place on linguistic basis after Independence when Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru decided to divide the states on linguistic basis. This was the hallmark of whatever we are facing today. It could have been divided as different provinces that existed before Independence like the Northern province, central province etc.Consequently different kingdoms merged together like Vidarbha and Maharashtra, Gujarat & Sourashtra, etc. But the consent of the people in those kingdoms was neglected and therefores the situation stands before us as we are seeing it today. I can just say that dear people of my country, our country is already divided with Punjab and Bengal being the major losers. Please dont divide our counrty on regionalism and proudly say to the world 'United we stand, divided we fall'