Friday, January 29, 2010

Hindi-our National language. Are you sure???

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Recently the Gujarat High Court in Ahmadabad declared that Hindi is not our National Language. This has triggered a discussion in the political, cultural and social fraternity in India. In fact, India does not have a National Language. India is a highly diverse country with many languages and cultures. Most of the North-Indian languages have been derived from the Devanagari script and hence Hindi has been accepted easily by all in North & Central India. But the South-Indian languages dates back to the Dravidian Era and therefore they find it difficult to follow Hindi. A major example is Tamilnadu promoting their language and culture in their state. This may encourage a divide between North and South Indians but we as Indians must respect other languages and not compromise our culture. Almost every state in India has its own language. This makes India unique among all countries. Moreover, Hindi is not accepted as the National Language in our Constitution too. But as Indians a single language must unite us and it can be none other than Hindi. Hindi is making its identity in the world as India's language. A flower does not bloom without its petals. India has many languages as petals of a single flower and Hindi is its blossomed form which looks beautiful to the flowers of other plants. Its rightly said :
'In India, water changes every one mile and people change every two miles'


  1. Nice posting. Do you know about these Devanagari books?

  2. yeah I know about them. But can you tel me what do you exactly want me to tell you?? be specific!!!


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