Friday, January 29, 2010

World beware, China's coming

China is expected to become the next superpower in the world. Its competing with the USA in most of the fields including, technology, sports, finance, defense and influence on the world. The chinese acts clearly suggest that they want to expand their kingdom to the extent possible. Recent activities encouraging this frame of thinking is the settlement of naval base on coco islands, the northern-most island among Andaman & Nicobar group of Islands, Chinese settlements 20 km from the border within Arunachal Pradesh and the act of claiming Tawang, Chinese army bases in the western part of jammu & kashmir, the construction of several air-strips and military bases near the Nepal-China border. The medals in Olympics is dominated by the Chinese sportsmen in recent years contrasting to the predominant dominance of USA. Google blamed china-based hackers to have hacked it. Google might have quit China, but being the largest internet community in the world, I fear China will come-up with something more amazing than Google and reign the markets. Technological developments were clearly seen in the Beijing Olympics with world-class stadiums and facilities and the blowing out of clouds from the sky by missiles. China-USA cold war is in the news these days and was clearly sighted in the Copenhagen climate summit. But being a communist country, China has its own disadvantages also. Finally I want to comment that the Dragons are on a roll.

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