Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dreadful Limelight

Limelight: A Novel
Congress has been drawn into dreadful limelight by the opposition parties as inflation and Maoist unrest surround add to the UPA worries. There has been a constant rise in the prices of commodities and fuels which kept on rising since last year and the common man is tensed about the budget of the family. In the General Budget also, ther was no point regarding the reduction in the prices of these. H'ble Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee escaped the issue by presenting it as a consequence of the rise in prices in the international market. But the UPA must ensure to implement schemes to reduce excise duty on such commodities and help the common man to adapt to such a situation. Its imperative to check the oil n fuel prices also as it is one of the few sectors which is disrupting India to recover from the pit of recession. The people must also prefer walking or cycles for short distances, as it is practiced in China. H'ble Home Minister P.Chidambaram had announced the 'Operation Green Hunt' to check the menace of naxalism in India, after police check-posts wher attacked in Bengal and Jharkhand borders. But, after some days he himself disagreed from declaring such an operation and said that naxalism must be handled with patience. According to me, the UPA must take responsibility of all these problems and must not try to play with words and confuse the audience. The naxalites continue to attack government offices and check-posts and frequent strikes are declared by them in Orissa and Jharkhand. Bhuwaneswar-Delhi Rajdhani Express was attacked by the naxalites recently as it was operating during the strike declared by them. The opposition has just got a boost and they are looking to make the best use of the situation. 27th April was declared 'Bharat Bandh' due to inflation. Let us ponder on these issues as a responsible citizen and express our feelings.

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