Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Indo-Techno Relations

There's been enough discussion on the online exams being introduced in India. Especially, this issue was exaggerated when the debut CAT online exam was a failure in first round due to server failure. But friends, do u think just because of this example, we can stand our ground in criticizing the use of technology in various examinations held across the country? India is a developing country with a vision 2020 and till date, about 70% of the universities in India have shifted to technology for conducting examinations and for various clerical works. Though India may lack infrastructure on certain levels like in the field of software developers, the benefits of resolving to technology must not be forgotten. Lack of infrastructure was one of the main reasons of the failure of CAT online exam at d implementation level. The benefits of avoiding paper-pen examinations can be listed as avoiding the wastage of paper and saving various funds used for its manufacture, reduction of time and easy management with less number of people etc. But, I do not think that its not feasible in answering all types of questions using technology like the comprehension type questions in CAT exam or derivation problem for an engineering student. It is not conducive for the users and is time-consuming. I'm not sure whether these type of hurdles in the introduction of technology can be solved.

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