Friday, August 12, 2011

Angles of Corruption

Enough has been spoken and heard about on this glamor word in the past one year. Thought of writing the various angles of viewing it after 10 months of slumber in my blog posts. As we all know the political scenario of the country is burgeoning on the allegations and indulging the masses to have opinions on it. In such a situation, a citizen sound to have opinions needs to have a comprehensive and deepened view on this issue. In this post, I would like to put forth whatever I've envisaged about the radiating corruption.

First, let us look at it from the psychological aspect. A person thinks of corruption when one is unable to get a task done, when one has the power to break the laws and settle all consequences of it and when one has the greed resulting from frustration of a low scale job. For the younger generation, it may be a cool thing to break the laws and be a part of it. Looking at all the above cases, one thing is common that the fear of law has suffered a moral breakdown in the hearts of the people. People fancy themselves going beyond the law and meeting their necessities. Psychology tells people tend to do those things often with they are not supposed to do. It implies that people become corrupt because taking bribe is a crime. If suppose being corrupt is as usual thing as calling a friend, the menace of corruption may be controlled to some extent. Ask yourself that how many of you call a friend that often as to the number of times you wont hesitate to fill your pockets when you are in power to do it. People may gain from it if corruption is made a law, but they wont be given credit for making out an empire of their own as the morale of something sustains till it makes it invincible.

Secondly, deepening the pockets can be seen from individual economic point of view. The greed of making money reaches a saturation point after a definite time period . Even a dog does not find a bone tasty enough after licking it for sometime. We are not a developed economy as the OECD countries of the world, in which the people have a good standard of living as they are financially strong enough to hold their morale and burdens. If a situation arises where every Indian has the financial stability in life and complacence of making money is achieved, this ill-deed wont penetrate the skeletons of our democracy. People will start thinking beyond money matters instead of living for money or power. People will be well enough to support their families and also invest elsewhere for the security of future generations. If this happens to the societal framework of India, the thought of bribing will be dissected into pieces in the minds of people.

Thirdly, which will precede the above situation is the investment friendly atmosphere of the country. How can a country be investment hub of the world? Hong-Kong and Singapore are the best examples. Lets take Hong-Kong for example where a similar uprising as that of Anna Hazare took place in the 1970s when a person fled away from the country after serious allegations of corruption where reported on him. The mass mobilization of the people forced the Government to act and an independent Commission on corruption was constituted.On further super-incumbent pressure from various directions, the Government took the responsibility  to prove the point of being serious on this issue, to the citizens. The by-laws of the commission was framed to build up an effective and efficient mechanism of tackling the menace. In the subsequent years, many corrupt officials were prosecuted and the international companies which tided away from Hong-Kong returned after viewing the investment friendly atmosphere in the country and the potential of Hong-Kong Government in profiteering the entrepreneurs with negotiable collaboration. The similar crisis in India needs immediate attention and the urge to invite FDI and FII which will not only glorify India in the global investors' fraternity but also will enable the Government to achieve its various objectives like financial inclusion. Institutionalizing the entire mechanism of operation in the social domain of the country can shun the roots of this ill-deed.  

All the above explained situations are hypothetical and it is just to bring to light the different angles of looking at the menace of corruption. People may have many things to say about corruption but opinions are unique to a person as the food item of 'brasht- achaar' is to the leaders of India today.


  1. How much people are struggling to stop corruption. God please make the rich people stop doing corruption.

  2. Its not necessary that the elite is only involved. This crap has penetrated our grass roots too...