Wednesday, August 24, 2011

In a hodgepodge politicosphere

'Hodgepodge' may be one of the exact words to define the political atmosphere of India these days.Starting from the scam series to the inflation and market tip-tows, from the Telangana logjam to the terror attacks & from the land acquisition debacles to the corruption strands, the might of the government has turned into a face of plight. Breaking the deadlock seems distant though respondent power bearers get entailed in heated debates and joint party meetings. Sighting the advancements, the framers of the Twelfth Five Year Plan are engulfed in the hodgepodge politico-sphere. 

Unlike UPA-I, the UPA-II is feeling its term longer than ever before as it has been unable to address the varied misappropriations at the societal level. Firstly the scams came to glory which was dealt with by removal and trials in court. But the disclosure of luxury treatment of the accused in the jails questioned the seriousness of the government which may have critical repercussions like loss of public faith and devaluation of morale and integrity of effective governance.Secondly, the people of India have been bearing the overburden of inflation fore past 2 years now. Inflation has appreciated incessantly with minor temporary short term dips.The government sustains with a deficit budget  year after year in order to improve the value added stocks but the controls and regulatory authoritarians of the fiscal policy seems malfunctioned. On debt concerns, it may not be reflected by the effect of global showdown on India or by the ratings of S&P as in the case of USA but India tops in Asia in this arena. 

Land acquisition laws in India after 64 years of independence still abides by the 115-year old Act. Serious concern must be shown by the government in this direction as it plans to acquire agrarian lands for industrialization and superimposing the fraction of the employed in relatively high payed industrial sector. Failure in leaping into the grass-roots and sprouting up with creative and just methods may result in peasant movements and protests sympathizing with the ideology of Naxals making things much more coercive. Finally the Lokpal bill which is pending since 1971 when it was first introduced in the Parliament. Successive government kept dissolving it ; though in 1996 under the A.B Vajpayee government, the bill had a modified outlook but still it maintained the status of heedless. Recently, Anna Hazare has become the crusader for the bill but the insights into the JanLokpal bill suggest though it might be successful in capturing the imagination of many and result in mass mobilization, the bill projects the possibility of the return of anarchy which may diminish our representative democracy like the demand for the judiciary into the ambit of the Lokpal is entirely unconstitutional. The bill is quite impressive on some grounds like the advent of Citizens' Charter for improving public delivery operations. Balance need to be struck in between the Lokpal & the JanLokpal bills without being unconstitutional and superiority arrogance approach.

The Parliament has become a synonym for the word 'hodgepodge' as many legislations are pending in the Parliament. These stimulate debates and discussions but fail to converge on an effective remedial conclusion, which ultimately becomes the political propagating issues of political parties. Besides, legislations have accumulated over the years just to add up to the procedural miseries of the recent and forthcoming ones.Some of the major bills in the foresight of the Parliament are Women Reservation Bill, Goods and services Tax bill, Land acquisition bill, Communal violence bill, Whistle-blower's bill, Judicial Accountability Bill, Food Security Bill, Public Grievances and redressal bill and off-late the most hyped of all, Lokpal bill. In addition to these, several projects and programmes of the government are at stake, some in the framing stage, some in the implementation stage and several previous ones in the evaluation and remedial stages. 

In the context of the above scenario, do you think the Planning Commission will be able to tap the flying energies in different sectors and develop coordination to pull the curtains over the public uproar on the government? the Planning Commission headed by the PM himself has lost direction in framing the Twelfth Five year Plan(2012-17) and thus the plan sits still on the tip of a see-saw. Concurrent concerns has to be devoted as a headless chicken can reproduce faltered manifestations.

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