Friday, March 1, 2013

How can we?

In the bustling world around us
as we pen every second of our life
millions face the wry and strife.
Ignoring them and reaping all alone,
demeaning humanity, How can we?

Cosmopolitan westernised dreams,
decorating the world with modernity,
We milk it all without sharing.
Not bothering about the dying
millions deprived of, How can we?

How can we debar those innocent souls
who thrive on poverty in the forgotten lands
And still reinforce the economy
How can we obstruct them
in disguise of modernity
For once they are transformed.
humanity may pay the price.

For the innumerable problems
the world is confronting, yet we don't realise.
Boasting off exponential westernised modernity
We dodge the wealth of traditional superiority
even after glimpses of result, How can we?

How can we burden the gen-next
for being cowed down by our deeds.
How incognisable it will be
if we dig our own graves.
In the hope of light for those striving
but incorruptible gullible millions
that may they not be engulfed cowardly
I ask the decorated world, How can we?


  1. *we milk it all withOut sharing*
    *I ask the decorated world, how can we?*
    Those are my favourite lines. Well put, Abhishek! You have a way with words.