Monday, March 18, 2013

Changing hues

Plenty of thoughts, ideas, interpretations have been trespassing my mind regarding the vibrant youth and the power of ideas, both of which have necessitated  change in established forms in the past and the present. Ever since India set in motion the wheels of change post-independence, the youth has been the harbinger of transforming societal order. Today in the 21st century as India steadfastly approaches to new heights, i often think about the role of the youth as its a non-detachable  part of the Indian society.

Belonging to an age bracket which is the most bulged in India's age pyramid, i think about the different types of views and opinions one adheres to. I feel there's a need to be open to new ideas in the era of globalization and de-link ourselves from the stereotypical thoughts. Ideas and concepts like materialism and capitalism, socialism and communism, imperialism and colonialism, conservatism and orthodoxy,utilitarianism, revivalism and libertarian philosophy etc. and their multiple faces are relevant in the present world ranging from the cultural colonialism of the United States to the expansionist materialism of China. Placed in these complex cobwebs of global diplomacy is the 'Indian Pivot' in South Asia. But the youth of the Indian population somehow seems to be alienated from global developments and instead indulge in bickering and squabbles, though i don't deny the existence of a sizable youth engrossed in  learning and unlocking the global ideological dynamics.

The common masses are merely ruled by a handful of people in the top echelons. Sometimes they are provoked to the advantage of somebody else and sometimes they are exploited out of helplessness. The multifarious diversity of Indian social fabric adds on to the pyre of rhetoric. I feel the greatest empowerment unfolds as people embrace the highest degree of knowledge for nobody can catch one on the wrong foot. The weapon of knowledge is an inexhaustible resource which can burn or build mega-structures. Any dogma or obstacle can be overpowered by the possessor of this weapon for its this intangible gift that had moulded commoners into great men in history. Women rights, human rights, child rights,rights of the disabled, civil liberties, etc all can be optimized using the power of knowledge.

The Indian civilization has been the epitome of modern ideas since ancient times. What the western world is standing up for in the present world, we had imbibed all of them in the chapters of India's history. You talk about humanity, rationalism, religious universalism, spirituality, morality, non-violence, empowerment, fraternity etc., all have been present as undercurrents in India's rich history because of which India is the only country in the world to achieve freedom without a revolution and the only nation to overpower the imperialists by an ideological struggle. There's an urgent need for inculcating modern ideas and ideologies (and not western ideas) in India's youth. In this context comes the refreshing statement of our national security adviser Mr. Shivshankar Menon asking the western powers not to call India an emerging power because she is 're-emerging'. 


  1. In the first two paragraphs you talk about Indian youth, in the third you try is showcase your English prowess without any actual content and lastly you speak about India's rich history; do you really want to say something? Please do some proofreading before publishing the content.

    1. i agree there are some errors in typing which i didnt notice before publishing...n thr's nthing abt showcasing my english prowess. Just wanted to attract different perspectives...